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About us

Dr Sima Patel founded The Wellbeing Practice to apply her deep knowledge of solution-focused positive psychology to help individuals across education and business.

She brings her 24 years' experience working as a Chartered Psychologist and Coaching Consultant in a wide range of roles such as diagnostic assessments, consultancy, training and development, recruitment and selection and customer care to The Wellbeing Practice.

Sima's strengths are in empathic connection, motivating, and explaining. Her goal is to bring psychology to life by transforming psychological principles into engaging and relevant learning experiences.

Using these abilities in her diagnostic work with children and adults has gained her high regard in the South East and further afield. Her training and recruitment interventions have extended to business clients such as BMW Group,, English Cricket Board, RS Locums Ltd, Thales Training and Simulation, Select Appointments, EDF Energy, Tesco Freetime Ltd, Metropolitan Police, public and private schools, colleges and universities. She has worked in New York, Belgium, France, Sweden, Germany, Dubai and New Zealand.

Sima's doctorate in educational psychology with University College London combined coaching psychology and positive psychology to develop a new coaching approach for college students. The results are very promising and show that Sima's coaching model can bring statistically significant improvements to their attainment of life, learning and performance goals. On top of this, it showed that participants had increased satisfaction with life and increased resilience to life's setbacks after going through the coaching.

Based on her new coaching model, Sima has developed a coaching programme for students aged 11 and above which gives them a real chance of making the most of their inner resources and applying them to succeeding at college and in their personal life. She is the first psychologist in the UK to introduce strengths-based coaching to college students. She knows uses her knowledge and expertise to offer an evidence based strengths-based coaching programme to adults looking to take a determined approach to achieving their aspirations.

Sima is a member of the British Psychological Society, its Special Group in Coaching Psychology, and the Health Professions Council.

The Team

The Wellbeing Practice works as part of a multi-disciplinary team with clinical psychologists, speech and language therapists, specialist tutors, nutritionists, osteopaths, homeopaths and hypnotherapists, to offer clients a wide choice of further interventions.