Curriculum Vitae

PROFILE:Chartered Psychologist and Coaching Consultant, experienced in:

  • Providing an assessment and consultancy service to identify developmental needs of children, young people and adults.
  • Providing a full range of learning, development and emotional solutions for children, young people and adults.
  • Coaching using a variety of strengths based, solution focused and cognitive behavioural models.


CORE BELIEF: Listening to children, young people and adult’s deeper attitudes and ideas that underpin their motivation and the essential meaning they attach to their lives; building a knowledge of their strengths and the challenges they experience, equipping them with practical strategies so they develop self-belief and flourish into autonomous and confident individuals.


MEd. Educational Psychology – University of Exeter

Postgraduate Certificate of Education – University of Sussex

BSc. Hons. Neurobiology – University of Sussex

Doctorate in Psychology – University College London


Key Areas of Specialism: 

Positive Psychology: Hope, optimism, flourishing, happiness, resilience, self-belief, inner confidence, growth mind-set, self-worth, empathy and kindness.

Focusing on learning, emotional, social and self-help strengths to develop individuals who have autonomy and self-belief.  Key features include identifying one’s strengths, developing metacognitive thinking skills, problem-solving skills, resilience, growth mind-set and well-being strategies for a healthy, flourishing mind.  Also strategies to manage anxiety and fear, low mood, lack of confidence.


Career Progression

Sima started her career as a primary school teacher which gave her a deep insight into the strengths that children, young people and professionals have and the difficulties and challenges they experience.  She went on to gain her Masters in Psychology at the University of Exeter before practising for a variety of local authorities.  Sima then worked as a chartered psychologist and consultant for a private consultancy giving her the experience to work with a wide range of businesses, schools, colleges and universities.  She went on to build on her interest in wellbeing and positive psychology to gain her Doctorate in Psychology at University College London where she developed the first strengths-based coaching programme in the UK for college students.

Sima has worked for a large number of corporate businesses including the BMW group, and the English Cricket Board delivering a range of psychology based training and development programmes including problem-solving, team building and leadership skills.

Sima has worked with children, young people and adults for over 27 years. She opened her own practice seven years ago focussing on psychoeducational assessments and interventions for children, young people and adults and has built a strong reputation for her work across Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Dorset, and London as well as working with International School students around the globe.   Her particular interest is in gaining deep insight into the meaning that children, young people and adults attach to their lives, assess their strengths and difficulties and then implement a range of solution focussed therapeutic techniques alongside practical strategies to help individuals reframe their beliefs about their lives, helping them to develop autonomy and independence so they can live a far more fulfilling and flourishing life.

Sima was born in Uganda and moved to the UK at the age 6.  She has spent time in India and the USA and has worked in Belgium, New York, France, Sweden, Germany, Dubai and New Zealand enabling her to gain a deep insight into cultural diversity, cultural demands including shame and pride and the impact of significant transitions, both positive and negative, in children, young people and adult lives.  She now spends some of her week working in her practice in the UK, keeping up to date with cutting edge developments and some of her time working in Vienna and the surrounding areas.

Professional Experience:

Chartered Psychologist for own private practice 2012 – current

Educational Psychologist for Local Consultancy 1997 – 2012

Travel and Work around the World, 1996 – 1997

Position: Educational Psychologist, Surrey County Council, 1994 – 1995

Position: Educational Psychologist, Kent County Council, 1992 – 1994

Position:  Teacher, East Sussex County Council, 1989 – 1991



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