Client Experiences

Dear Dr Patel

First off we wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to you for helping us to identify Alexandra’s potential and the areas where she needs additional help.  My husband and I, and the school have fully embraced both reports and we are beginning our journey with great optimism.  You have helped us in ways neither my husband nor I could have imagined and given us a new and wonderful view into how her little/big mind works and for that we will be eternally grateful.

Alexandra’s confidence is growing daily and she is relishing her return to school and learning.

I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for opening our eyes to our little girls magnificence.

Mr and Mrs B, Surrey


A MASSIVE thank you from the bottom of my heart


Dear Louise

I would be grateful if you could please pass on my sincere thanks to Dr Patel for her assessment of Christopher on Tuesday and for being so very kind and concerned.

Christopher enjoyed working with her and the information she was able to give us was life changing to be honest! After 3 years of worry, (and I have had a ‘niggle’ something was up since he was born) we now feel relieved and confident that we have an understanding of what has been causing his difficulties and that we can help. Also that emotionally he is secure despite what he has been dealing with. That is a very, very fortunate and wonderful position to be in.

I will write to Dr Patel, but I wanted to let her know now how grateful we are for her help and support.

Thank you too for your kindness when we have spoken.

With thanks and kind regards

Samantha, Kent

“The information was life changing to be honest”


Hello Dr Patel,

I want to thank you.  Coming to see you and having Edward assessed was such a validating experience for me and I feel so confident now that we have made good choices for/with Edward so far.  Thank you also for your kindness toward Edward.  It was a very emotional experience for him and he came away exhausted but having nothing but wonderful things to say about you.

Edward has come to terms with all that the assessment revealed and is chatting through everything with all his best buds.  He keeps asking me to tell everyone where we are with what is happening with him.  No shame about his challenges at all.  It is so sweet and lovely.  He told me last week that he is, “going to keep going with the writing mommy.  I feel like I am getting faster and although it was a bit scruffy and I was getting really frustrated I was able to write more than I did last year.”

So thank you.

Mrs Normandy, Sussex

Thank you for helping Edward to believe in himself


Dear Sima

This is so very kind of you to send this email.  I knew from the very first time we spoke to each other, when you were busy at home in the late evening, and I asked you a question about one of the students, and you helped me and went the whole 9 yards even though you were not at work.  People like you do not come along every day, and I wanted to say that the help you have given our students has definitely given them the motivation to do well.

Thank you Sima for all your kindness to me and the school, and I hope that you too get a well-earned rest this summer in some of this lovely sunshine.

With best wishes always


Thank you from Head of Learning Support


Dear Sima,

It was lovely to meet you and thank you for all the kindness you showed us both last week, (the women on reception were also really welcoming and thoughtful).

Also for writing such an extensive, informative and thorough report. I was very touched and encouraged by all the positive and kind comments you made about Ollie, and those give me hope for the future! I am sure the report will be hugely useful to all of us.

I have to confess I am feeling a little overwhelmed by all your great suggestions, but I have printed them out and intend to make a start with them once term has started, and maybe just take a few suggestions at a time.

I would love to keep you informed of his progress and have forwarded your email to the school too.

For now, I wanted to send you a few of his drawings. No need to reply.

Thank you again and warmest wishes,

Mrs A, Kent

Thank you for all the kindness


Thank you so much for sending Rose’s report through so quickly. Coming to see Sima was a really positive experience for Rose.  She felt really at ease and able to talk freely. She has found it so beneficial to understand why in some areas she is thriving, and in other areas finding things a real challenge. After reading the report she said, “this explains my life Mummy”. We are all delighted to have something more concrete to work with and focus on. Thank you so very much,

With love,


This explains my life mummy


Hello there,

I wanted to let Sima know of the progress we are making with my daughter Lisa.

Since we saw you in December your report has been really key in opening doors for us. CAHMS have used your findings to progress us to the next stage of diagnosis, high praise indeed as we were told that private information may be disregarded by the NHS!! The member of the team we saw said that your recommendations were fantastic and that we should absolutely use all your ideas as they would help significantly (this I already knew as your recommendations always have a huge impact).

However Lisa wanted to know quickly if she is on the spectrum so we embarked upon a private diagnosis which was completed yesterday with an autistic specialist team in London. They found your report very detailed and thorough so did not need to repeat any of the same assessment. Their findings were as you suspected, she IS on the spectrum. She would have been diagnosed as Asperger’s in the past. It is subtle and mild but definitely present.

What has been so empowering for Lisa is that all the professionals she has seen have stated how positively she comes out of your report and that they too have seen what a wonderful bright, humorous and potential filled girl she is.

Amazingly since finding out yesterday, Lisa’s repetitive and anxious behaviours have hardly shown at all. Knowledge IS power!

Thank you for your support, kindness and incredible knowledge, you have significantly helped us to make our daughter’s future a brighter place.

With gratitude,

Mrs N, Brighton

Gratitude for Assessment


Sima’s relaxed and friendly demeanour put us at ease immediately. She was attentive without being overbearing. My daughter really enjoyed the assessment, whereas in other circumstances I am sure she may have found it stressful.  Sima’s patience in dealing with my never-ending questions after reading the report made me feel that no stone was left unturned.  Thank you for a professional service.

Mrs H, Worthing

Relaxed and Friendly Demeanour


We came to see you in December for an educational assessment of Dominic as evidence for our appeal for a place at our chosen school.

We found out today that our appeal was successful and Dominic will be going to the school in September. The panel listed the strength of your report as one of the key factors in winning our appeal so we very much want to thank you again for such an excellent assessment and written report.

You might also be interested to know that we showed your report to Dominic’s form teacher – his words were “my experience of educational psychologist reports is that I usually do not recognise the child I am reading about as the report is nothing like my experience of teaching them. But in this case, the report was spot on and describes Dominic accurately”.  The fact that Dominic’s form tutor fully endorsed your report added extra weight to our case.

We are really delighted that Dominic will be going to the grammar school, but even if we had not been successful in appeal, we found your assessment to be incredibly valuable in helping us understand Dominic in a deeper way.

Thank you again for all your help and best wishes

Mr & Mrs T., Reigate.


Hi Sima

What a fantastic report, you have captured Sam’s character perfectly.

The information and resources you have provided will be such a help.

I have just spoken with Sam’s teacher and she was really impressed and is going to put everything into action as I will, also. I will keep you updated with our progress.

Thank you!


Thank you for capturing Sam’s character perfectly


Dear Sima

Thank you ever so much for seeing us on Bank Holiday Monday and for the updated report for Melanie.

I have read through and found very easy to assimilate all the information and very grateful for all your detailed findings which is just simply brilliant to read through as a parent and all the strategies you have provided.

I have shared with the school today, which they will forward and share to all his teachers to help support his learning.

Thank you again, its always a pleasure to meet with you and will certainly reach out next year as suggested should we need another update/inputs from yourself.

Thanks and best

Mr and Mrs Decks, Brighton

Simply brilliant to read through as a parent


Thank you for sending through Joshua’s report, and also for spending the time with him when we visited Brighton. Our meeting with you has given us some really interesting insights into Joshua’s strengths and weaknesses, both academically and socially, and your report gives us a much better basis for putting in place some practical strategies to help him achieve his potential.

The report gives a very thorough overview and we feel confident that between the school and ourselves we can use its recommendations to make some positive changes for Joshua, whilst avoiding labels.

Thanks again for the time you spent with him and us.

Mrs D., Worthing.


I can’t thank you enough for this report which I will forward to school. I honestly feel completely re-assured that we now have done everything we can do to support Edward and have all the information needed to put good interventions in place. Edward’s got time now to put these strategies into practise and just knowing that will give him a huge sense of confidence about the future and that in itself boosts his resilience.

Edward’s free of anxiety and he’s now got every chance to become what he can be. I am so immensely proud of him for being so determined to overcome his difficulties and for us to have persevered for him, I’ve got no worries about Edward anymore.

I will certainly keep you updated over the coming years about his progress.
A deeply felt thank you.

Mrs P., Haywards Heath.


I felt like I was drowning in confusion before I had Molly assessed. I wanted someone to be honest with me and tell me exactly what Molly’s difficulties are and exactly what we as parents can do to help. The school are already doing everything that they can but I needed this assessment for my own peace of mind. You have given me exactly that. I am relieved that I understand why Molly struggles to read and spell and what I can do to help her with these skills. I know some people don’t agree with labels but to me, this label has made such a difference. I feel like I can finally move forwards and I can give Molly an honest explanation of why she struggles as well as help her to continue to work hard.

Mrs. S, Hove.


Thank you for the thought and care you put into the assessment and report for Samuel. Year 3 have accepted without conditions your recommendations and I have been so re-assured about his potential to manage school. With very best wishes.

Mr C., Lindfield.


Thank you for the comprehensive report that you sent us. The biggest outcome of this assessment was the difference that it made to Henry’s attitude and confidence. Before he came to see you he felt that he was thick and stupid and would never be able to read and write. Your explanation of why he struggles and what he could do to help himself has totally changed his attitude. Henry now practices reading every day and I noticed that he started to write down the words of objects as he walked around the house. It was hard just asking him to pick up a pen before so this is a huge difference. Henry just seems a bit more confident about trying now. As you said, there will still be difficult days and times when Henry will feel frustrated and want to give up but at least we are all working together now and that those difficult days can be minimised. Thank you Sima.

Mrs. C, Brighton.


Ellen is so pleased to be able to understand why she has struggled with her learning for so long. After working with you she felt you understood her and finally she has had it affirmed who she is and what she needs to do as a learner to show her real ability. She has used your suggestions and taken her recent public examinations with a new confidence and a strong belief that she can succeed academically. So thank you Sima for your assessment and helpful suggestions. I feel I have a happy daughter back at last.

With every best wish

Mrs J., Redhill.


Dear Sima

This is so very kind of you to send this email.  I knew from the very first time we spoke to each other, when you were off sick and at home, and I asked you a question about one of the students, and you helped me and went the whole 9 yards even though you were not well.  People like you do not come along every day, and I wanted to say that the help you have given our students has definitely given them the motivation to do well.

Thank you Sima for all your kindness to me and the school, and I hope that you too get a well-earned rest this summer in some of this lovely sunshine.

With best wishes always

Anne, Head of Examinations
Feedback from Examinations Officer of Senior School


Dear Dr Patel,

Thank you so much for Louise’s report.  It is so wonderful to read about her strengths and her obvious characterful attributes. I think as a parent of a teenager I get blinded by all the provocative behaviour and begin to doubt that there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.

I very much appreciate all the strategy advice.  I am pleased to say that this will give Louise the fresh start she needs with a new perspective built on feeling purposeful and able.

Thank you for all your support.

Mrs Cromwell, Tunbridge Wells

Feedback from Parent


Dear Dr Patel,

Thank you so much for this.  I am going to hold a meeting with the school and also discuss the report with Andrew so he feels in control of his destiny.

The immediate impact of the visit and your general feedback was that I feel vindicated in my concerns and far less stressed about what’s going wrong.  Now I know how to support Andrew and how to talk to him about his abilities it makes my job so much easier.   I also feel supported in my approach which focuses on effort rather than outcome.

Now I know where his strengths lie I can arm him with a sense of what’s special and wonderful about him so that he sees his mind as an incredible asset rather than failing.

Thank you and I will be in touch again soon.

Best regards

Mr Y, Kent

Thank You


Dear Team
Thank you so much for the report which I have sent to Laura’s LE department and will arrange to meet very soon to design a strategy.

It is a very interesting report and I enjoyed reading it and got to know my daughter better. Please send my heartfelt thanks to Dr Sima who was so lovely and Laura  enjoyed meeting and working with her.

I will certainly keep you updated of Laura’s progress and will also feedback how the assessment has helped.

Many thanks.
Warm wishes,

Ms X, Kent

A Heartfelt Thank You

The Wellbeing Practice, Brighton, Sussex, South East