Reasons for choosing The Wellbeing Practice for your child’s assessment


Reasons for choosing the Wellbeing Practice

Sima has:

  • a reputation within schools, colleges and universities throughout Sussex, Kent, Surrey, London, South East Asia and Europe for high levels of insight and professionalism
  • a wide network of parents and professionals who recommend her to friends and colleagues based on the quality of her work
  • a passion for focussing on people’s strengths to propel them forwards
  • the latest WIAT-II, WAIS-IV and WISC-IV assessment tests
  • updated questionnaires on a wide range of well-being topics
  • enlightening additional assessments, looking at, for example, resilience, self-concept and well-being
  • comprehensive study suggestions for you and school to use in working with your child
  • helpful strategies to take your child’s learning forwards based on their identified strengths
  • continuing focus on research into helping children, young people and adults learn and grow
  • a passion for bringing psychology to life by transforming psychological principles into engaging and relevant learning experiences using well researched and scientifically proven intervention strategies
  • genuine desire for making a positive difference to people’s lives through her empathic connection and 30 years of experience in the field of educational, clinical and coaching psychology (please see client experiences page for examples)


Dear Dr Patel 

Many thanks for sending Matt’s assessment report.  I have forwarded it to the school and will meet with his teachers to discuss the best way forward for Matt. What I read so far sounds really positive! 

Thank you so much for your time and kindnss towards Matt.  We now have the answers we need to ensure that Matt is getting the right support and teaching at school. 

We are in the process of producing picture cards to give Matt to complete tasks! We also had a breakthrough with Cubs after I emailed them to ask them to welcome Matt and engage him in something ie helping to set up the room for Cubs. It worked! The first week he did not look back and this week he ran in! He is also a lot happier being left at the school class room door. 

I will keep you updated on Matt’s progress.

Kind regards 

Amber and Stuart


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