Development Programmes on a range of well-being topics

Believe in yourself

The Wellbeing Practice offers a range of programmes and coaching sessions to children, teenagers, parents and professionals in health and education.

All our programmes are designed to enable you to build your own resources and capabilities.

Workshop for Children over July / August 2016:
Developing Resilience in Children and Young People

Four lots of two hour workshops for children / teenagers that are about to go to secondary / senior school and need their confidence and self-esteem to be supported.  Or any children who would benefit from developing their self-concept and thereby learn the essential skills to deal with difficult situations and thereby reduce anxiety.  Running throughout July and August 2016.  The sessions can be held on a one to one basis or for up to 3 children in a group so friends or siblings can work together.

The aims of the programme are to:

¨     Equip children and teenagers with problem solving strategies and self-confidence making it easier for them to face challenges and tasks in all aspects of their lives.

¨     Teach children how to regulate their emotions using powerful strategies and thereby decrease and then normalise the state of anxiety.

¨     Help teenagers learn to resist peer pressure and become their own positive person which is crucial for their development at this unpredictable time in their lives.

¨     To build teenagers’ confidence, self-concept and positive communication skills using eye contact, brave body language and speaking voice.


Feedback from previous coaching workshops:

I was so scared of starting secondary school and making new friends, I did not know how I would cope.  Attending your workshops has made me feel so much better because I have some tools to help me if I need them.  I feel excited about changing schools now and I know that I will be able to make new friends.  

Carl, age 11


I did not believe in myself or understand that I had strengths that I could use to help me enjoy school life more.  Attending the workshops has helped me to pick up the phone, join a new club and make new friends.  I even stood up for my friend when someone was picking on him and that really surprised me.

Matilda age 13

Please call 01273 803013 for more information on how you can invest into your children’s confidence and self-concept so that they can deal with difficult learning or emotional challenges for the long-term.  Or email us on to make a booking.

Our current programmes for parents and professionals in education and health are:

  • Applying Well-being Psychology in Education
  • Developing Resilience in Children and Young People


Applying Well-being Psychology in Education

At the end of this development programme participants will:

  • know why the science of well-being is important in education and today’s society
  • have discovered 10 positive empirically tested interventions that improve well-being for children, young people and adults
  • have developed a psychological understanding of why the interventions work


Developing Resilience in Children and Young People – Programme For Parents and Teachers

At the end of this development programme participants will:

  • understand the psychology of resilience
  • understand 10 reasons why children and young people in today’s society find it hard to bounce back from life’s setbacks
  • be able to implement 11 interventions to help children and young people develop resilience

For further information and to book an appointment, please contact The Wellbeing Practice on 01273 803013 or

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