Wellbeing Strengths and Coaching

For those people wishing to make the most of their potential and optimise performance in their academic and general life, The Wellbeing Practice offers individual strengths-based coaching sessions, usually following on from having had an initial Strengths Assessment. Research shows that strengths-based coaching:

  • enhances goal attainment, whether in your personal life, academic or professional work
  • motivates people to achieve results
  • enables people to believe that they have the inner resources to attain their goals
  • improves well-being
  • increases hope, mental strength and happiness

For best effect and positive impact, we would normally recommend a small set of coaching sessions following on from the initial Strengths Assessment session. This gives ongoing encouragement, direction and motivation to keep the momentum that you will have generated going forwards. There is no pressure to commit to more than you feel comfortable with, and sessions can be organised on an individual basis.

I feel a lot healthier and more confident in my ability to actually do things to improve my life. By using my character strengths each week and achieving something small in a positive way it helped me to slowly start achieving my life goal which is the most important to me of the three smart goals and the one that I perceive to be the hardest. However, I feel that working on it slowly, week by week, I will achieve success.

(Melanie, Hove)

For further information and to book an appointment, please contact The Wellbeing Practice on 01273 803013 or

The Wellbeing Practice, Brighton, Sussex, South East