Children and Young People

Whatever stage your children are at in their education, their well-being, confidence and resilience are key to their ability to learn and be fully engaged. Through helping you and them understand their particular strengths and weaknesses, we help you build a platform from which they can strive towards their aspirations.

At The Wellbeing Practice, we are fully aware that children and young people are made up of far more than their difficulties and challenges, and we focus on helping them use their strengths to flourish. Our aim is to make a positive and lasting difference.

So, having your child assessed with us is just the start. Not only will our detailed report give you analysis of the test results, it will provide well-researched recommendations and strategies for them and you to move forward with. Think of it as a ‘road map’ that you, your child, and teachers can use to guide your child’s future approach to learning.

We provide a range of services for children and their parents, teachers, adults in higher education, and those who may qualify for the Disabled Students Allowance.

Wellbeing Learning Difficulties Assessments

Learning Difficulties

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Wellbeing Strengths and Coaching

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Reasons for choosing the Wellbeing Practice

Reasons for choosing The Wellbeing Practice for your child’s assessment

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