Reasons for choosing Sima to work with you

This is a small sample of client experiences:

“Afternoon all; Hope you are all safe and well.

I had my session today with DR Sima Patel and thought i would add something here to hopefully encourage people to reach out and try it for themselves / give you an idea of what to expect to help calm any anxiety’s…
Sima was absolutely lovely, I felt a strong connection from the get go and this allowed me to open up and be honest during the session which is key to getting the advice and help needed. I was able to share my personal issues and experiences which made me realize how my situations in my work/life balance were actually related and was given some useful techniques to help manage/challenge some of my learned behaviors/beliefs. I would highly recommend getting booked in as you will never know what you might learn from this session and how important it is to look after yourself.”

“I just want to express my great gratitude for Sima’s help to work through some big questions in my life during the current coronavirus pandemic. She provided some great tools and techniques to better manage anxiety in immediate situations and longer-term including reframing thoughts more positively and seeing opportunities whilst acknowledging feelings and circumstances. Her personal and honest approach really help dive into questions that I had been keeping below the surface and provided relief in a time of great uncertainty.

She also provided a great understanding of the particular challenges and experiences working in my current industry whilst also helping provide a broader perspective of my wellbeing in my personal and professional life. In particular, she helped think through team and role changes to help me adapt and transition to a new normal. I look forward to taking the lessons learned to improve my wellbeing so I may flourish and live a happier and balanced life.”

“Working with Dr Sima has been extremely helpful to me in better understanding my role and purpose at work, my strengths and weaknesses I have to watch out for. I feel more confident about going about my role and what to focus on. Dr Sima provided me with invaluable insights into my personality and preferences and how to use them to feel fulfilled and happy. Some of the insights may represent a changing point in my life. There’s no price tag anyone can put on that sort of support! Incredibly useful sessions and I’d highly highly recommend to anyone wanting to grow and develop!”

“The flourishing workshop was great and it helped me stay on a good ascending path! I would like to have another check-in with you as I find tremendous benefit in our sessions.”

“ I just wanted to provide some feedback – thank you  so much once again for the support.

I was hesitating with whether to engage with some support and I’m very glad that I did. I’ve been suffering from depression and struggling a bit throughout the year. The sessions and support were extremely helpful and I would recommend them to anyone who is also having a hard time right now.”

“Immensely helpful sessions full of practical and sustainable tips to promote effective working practices during this period

– Sima is a great listener. She tailored content and focus based on what I was trying to achieve from the workshops

– I feel that the concrete output will be useful to me throughout my work life, not just during this unusual period.”

The Wellbeing Practice, Brighton, Sussex, South East