Strengths and Coaching work for young people


Wellbeing Strengths and Coaching

For many young people, having an educational assessment can give them and their parents the understanding and direction they need to deal with their learning difficulties and move forward. However, some young people may still find themselves locked into a view of themselves where they feel that they are not capable.


Gaining a new perspective

We all have innate strengths, and when we use them we feel energised, optimistic, and able to deliver better performance. At The Wellbeing Practice we can offer a Strengths Assessment for young people of secondary school age which will help them to recognise what their true strengths are. Gaining this insight into their positive character attributes, perhaps for the first time, can be an illuminating and uplifting experience in itself.

We combine this process with coaching, which puts the young person’s knowledge of their strengths into a highly relevant context for them. This allows them to work towards goals that they identify for themselves, and in so doing they can begin to make real and positive progress. Once they can understand and accept that they are capable, and that they may just need to learn in different ways, they can really start to stride forwards in their academic careers.


How it works

In the initial consultation we will guide the young person through the Strengths Assessment, and a written copy of their strengths profile will be provided. We then begin coaching towards goals which they will have set for themselves. This session lasts 2 – 2.5 hours. We then recommend a small set of follow-up 1 hour Coaching sessions that can be delivered face-to-face or online. There is no pressure to commit to more than you feel comfortable with, and sessions can be organised on an individual basis.

Strengths-based coaching sessions have the potential to:

  • show young people that they have powerful strengths which they can use
  • give them optimism that they can use their inner resources to attain their goals

Research has also shown that people who engage with the strengths-based coaching process can experience:

  • improved well-being
  • increased levels of satisfaction with life, optimism, resilience and happiness


Matt very much enjoyed his session with you yesterday – he was very enthusiastic and told me that he felt it had been really helpful. Although he didn’t go through the written document with me, he talked at length about his strengths etc. and how he could use these socially with people. He said he felt he had learned a lot about himself and thought about things he had never done before. He was also very complimentary towards you and said that you were very easy to talk to, explained everything clearly and that he felt very comfortable with you. I asked him if he would like another coaching session with you before he goes away and he said that he would.

(Mrs T, Patcham)


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