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The pressure on young people and adults

Today, if you are a young person taking the first steps towards your higher education career or an adult thinking about returning to work, the process of applications and interviews, and contemplating the demands of further study can seem daunting. After college, and at any stage in adult life, the pressure to be able to sell yourself in job-seeking situations to give you the best chance of selection can be considerable. You need more than academic qualifications; to ensure your adaptability in the face of constant change you also need self-confidence, self-knowledge and interpersonal skills.

Children have gone to school / college / university, is it time to follow your heart and address that unanswered calling in your life.  Or what happens if you don’t have a calling at all?

The summer holidays often give people some breathing space and a chance to reflect on their lives.  At this time of the year, you are either returning to work or considering what to do now that your children have gone to school or young adults have gone off to university.  Or you might be a graduate thinking about how you can differentiate yourself from the crowd at interviews.  Do you have a calling in life that you have not been able to answer as yet? When you go back to work, do you have the sense that it might not be the place you’re meant to be and that somewhere out there is a calling as yet unanswered?

Some research published in the Journal of Vocational Behaviour indicates that having an unanswered calling leads to poorer life outcomes than having no calling at all and it could potentially harm your health.  Previous research has shown that people who follow an occupational calling have better life outcomes than those who don’t.

If you have a calling in life but are not quite sure what to do to follow it, would you like some help?  Are there ways that you can address this balance in your current job by reshaping your job to include the aspects that really matter to you?  Alternatively can you find a leisure activity that captures your passions?

Equipping you to succeed

At The Wellbeing Practice, we know that when you use your innate strengths you feel true to yourself, energised, optimistic, more creative, and are then able to deliver better performance. You will then be able to meet the challenges of college life, or your work demands, far more effectively.

We can offer a Strengths Assessment for students and adults which will help you not only to see what your true strengths are, but also to identify your unrealised strengths. With the powerful insight and potential that this gives, we can then initiate a Coaching process using a specific Developmental Model that gives you a means of applying this new knowledge about yourself.

We help you to crystallise your aspirations into specific goals that you can work towards. These goals can be in any area of your life; personal, learning, and/or professional. Together we then develop a means for you to work towards achieving your goals, harnessing the power of your identified strengths to help you succeed.

The Wellbeing Practice has a successful track record of helping young people and adults develop their potential. This could mean, for instance, helping you clarify which direction you want your career to take, change something in your personal life, or approach interview situations knowing what your most powerful strengths are, so you can use them to excel.

Strengths Assessments for Young People / Adults – Helping You to Fulfil Your Career Pathway / Desire for Voluntary Work

At the Wellbeing Practice, there is an emphasis on a strengths-based practice.   If you are considering returning to work or a change of career, several thoughts may be crossing your mind such as what is it that I really want to do, what are my skills / unique talents, what are my strengths and weaknesses, what is my level of confidence like, what is the best type of work for me that plays to my strengths and connects me to meaningful and engaging work so that I can be true to my authentic self and live a life that enhances my wellbeing.  How can I present my best self in an interview?

In line with this, the following assessment and coaching solution is being suggested if you would like to discover, develop and make the most of your strengths, find out and follow your calling in life in order to lead a meaningful and flourishing life.

Complete a leading edge online strengths identification assessment to unlock your potential and help you decide what you want your career trajectory to be.  Through 180 questions, 60 strengths are accurately assessed according to the three dimensions of Energy, Performance and Use.  You will receive your unique, personalised Profile, revealing your realised strengths, learned behaviours, weaknesses and unrealised strengths.  You will then be taken through a coaching strategy using a Developmental Model to enable you to take your strengths to the next level.

Your strengths identification assessment will enable you to:

  • Improve your self-awareness by knowing more about yourself, your unique strengths, what motivates you and why.
  • Be more engaged, confident, happier and productive.
  • Better develop your career and your future.
  • Distinguish yourself at interviews.
  • Improve your performance and achieve your goals.
  • Increase effective delegation and strengthen team work / family relationships.
  • Enhance performance review conversations if applicable to your working life.

The Coaching Process using a 4 stage Developmental Model

Followed by an up to two hour coaching strategy to help you harness your talents by focussing on how you can:

  • Marshal realised strengths – use them appropriately for your situation and context.
  • Moderate learned behaviours – use them in moderation and only when you need to.
  • Minimise weaknesses – use them as little as possible and only where necessary.
  • Maximise unrealised strengths – find opportunities to use them more.

Insight And Learning From This Process

  • Understand the powerful difference between skills you do well and your true strengths.
  • Understand your untapped resources and how to minimise your weaknesses.
  • Stretch you to think differently.
  • Allow you to consider how to use your strengths to develop your confidence and to plan your next career move.
  • Learn and try new behaviours and actions that can help you to achieve more in your life.
  • Give you the time and space to connect with more meaning and engagement in your life through enhancing well-being and understanding of your authentic self.
  • Articulate your strengths at interviews.
    Improve collaboration, engagement and delegation of tasks where applicable.
  • Watch your goal achievement improve and enjoy a fulfilling role that might just be your calling in life.

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…going through the process of looking back to find what had worked after a successful week, I saw that I was indeed using character strengths to attain my goals. This improved my awareness and gave me a strong feel good factor, enabling me to feel good and in turn continue to progress. It was the ‘oil in my engine’.

(Tom, Woodingdean)

The Wellbeing Practice, Brighton, Sussex, South East