Sima works with adults using a strengths based coaching approach based on research evidence from the work of Martin Seligman’s PERMA model for a flourishing life.

Psychologist and Professor Dr. Lynn Soots describe flourishing as:

“Flourishing is the product of the pursuit and engagement of an authentic life that brings inner joy and happiness through meeting goals, being connected with life passions, and relishing in accomplishments through the peaks and valleys of life.”

It is important to know that flourishing is not a characteristic you either have or do not have but it is a process that requires action and that means that everyone has the ability to flourish if they choose to.

Achieving a Flourishing Life:  Sima assists adults to recognise the importance of what makes a good life by focussing on five key areas of human flourishing (PERMA): positive emotions, engagement, relationships (positive), meaning and accomplishment.

P – Positive Emotions: Research shows that part of wellbeing is enjoying yourself in the moment, i.e., experiencing positive emotions.  Sima inspires you to reflect, identify and consider doing more of the things that make you happy, and bring enjoyment into your daily routine.

E – Engagement: Having a sense of engagement, in which we may become completely absorbed in something we enjoy and excel at, is an important component of wellbeing. To have a developed sense of wellbeing, you need to truly engage in anything you do.  Sima encourages you to consider how you can increase or improve your engagement with life such as pursue hobbies that interest you, develop your skills, and look at a work and or life style that brings you inner peace, joy and a balance of calm and excitement.

R – (Positive) Relationships: Humans are social creatures, and we rely on connections with others to truly flourish. Having face to face, deep, meaningful relationships with others is vital to our wellbeing, especially in the age of technology.   Sima works with you to identify if and how you need to improve the quality (and/or quantity) of your relationships with others; work on building more positive and supportive relationships with your friends, family, and significant other(s);

M – Meaning: When we dedicate ourselves to a cause or recognize something bigger than ourselves, we experience a sense of meaning that there is simply no replacement for.  Having a sense of meaning and purpose to your life is a key aspect to wellbeing and of far greater importance than a constant search for happiness.  Even the happiest of people do not necessarily have a well-developed sense of wellbeing if they have no meaning or purpose in their life.  Sima encourages you to find meaning in your life whether this is through work, volunteering opportunities, personal hobbies or leisure activities, or acting as a mentor for others.

A – Accomplishment / Achievement:  We all thrive when we are succeeding, achieving our goals, and bettering ourselves. This is an important piece of wellbeing.  Sima helps you to identify and keep your focus on achieving your goals and balancing this ambition with all of the other important things in life that matter to your wellbeing.

Navigating Life Changes:  Sima uses a range of activities, interventions, questionnaires and assessments created by the world’s top universities, organisations and researchers to reflect, consider and find pathways for a better work life balance, working remotely, manage emotional turbulence, career and life changes.

Powerful Supportive Strategies:  Sima uses powerful resources from the fields of Positive Psychology and managing negative life experiences to focus on human strengths such as hope, optimism, flourishing, happiness, resilience, self-belief, inner confidence, growth mind-set, self-worth, empathy, gratitude, compassion and kindness to develop healthy individuals and healthy societies.

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