Adults in the Workplace

There are many adults in the workplace who are struggling to differentiate between their strengths and challenges because of underlying difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia and lack of confidence and self-esteem. This holds them back in the workplace. The Wellbeing Practice is committed to helping employers and employees get the most out of their jobs by ensuring that any difficulties are properly identified and appropriate reasonable adjustments be put into place to help both the employer and the employee achieve wellbeing and productivity.

Initial contact with managers or referrers is important to gather background information and clarify requirements.

Assessments for adults take between 2 and 2.5 hours and can be conducted in a very relaxed and friendly way at the workplace or in a peaceful room in the centre of Brighton. A thorough consultation takes place followed by literacy, numeracy and cognitive assessments. A full report that highlights all the strengths and challenges with suggested recommendations for reasonable adjustments to help the employee is then provided within 5 – 10 working days.

Both employee and employer benefit from the assessment as employees have better wellbeing and can improve their productivity through a range of options, especially assistive technology.

Further Services

  • Dyslexia awareness sessions lead by an Educational Psychologist for disability officers, welfare officers or HR departments at your workplace.

Briefings which explain:

    • What dyslexia is and how it can affect individuals.
    • An outline of the skills and abilities of dyslexic people, presenting strategies for both individuals and managers to make reasonable adjustments and overcome the problems in the work place so employees can play to their strengths and increase wellbeing and productivity. (This can also be organised for other learning difficulties).
  • Telephone advice / consultancy service for employers and employees can also be provided.

For further information and to book an appointment, please contact The Wellbeing Practice on 01273 803013 or

The Wellbeing Practice