International Schools

Understanding the needs of international school students, parents and professionals

For some students, moving to a new country and school is full of enthusiastic anticipation, excitement and a sense of adventure and fun to come. For other students, it is a time of trepidation, anxiety, fear and doubt. Parents not only have to manage their own emotions at these challenging times but also help navigate their children through uncertain times, especially when there is a sense of belonging, security and nostalgia attached to home.

Sima has worked with international students, far away from home and understands the range of emotions related to significant life transitions and offers a supportive and compassionate range of positive psychology and solution focussed strategies to help individuals reframe their mindsets. This helps them to feel a sense of inner strength, calmness and belonging thereby developing their resilience and confidence to cope with their new experiences.

Assessments and consultations are carried out in native English.

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