Emotional and mental wellbeing coaching for adults

All the coaching sessions are based on evidence-based practices so you can feel confident that they are powerful and can make a significant positive difference to your wellbeing.  A variety of encouraging and enhancing strategies and techniques will be shared so you can implement them immediately and start noticing how much better you feel.

Each session will start with an opportunity for you to share your specific concerns.  The most appropriate approaches and techniques will then be taught so that you have immediate pathways to start feeling in control of your life again from a place of calm and inner strength.


Coaching  Sessions

Crisis Coping Coaching

This workshop is designed for people who feel suddenly thrown into a crisis situation whether this is through separation from loved ones or losing a job or underachieving on a project or any situation in which you feel suddenly overwhelmed and need to find a way of getting some balance and perspective back again, so that you can manage the situation effectively and efficiently, thereby restoring a sense of balance and hope.

Two Hour Workshop to:

  • Focus on the mental resources you can use.
  • Connect to a place of inner calm.
  • Become aware of the factors within and beyond your personal control.
  • Practice acceptance-based coping.
  • Remain calm and composed in the face of stress.


Anxiety Management Coaching

This workshop is for people who feel anxious whether this is in anticipation of a coming event or because of an experience that has left them feeling anxious and upset.

Two Hour Workshop to:

  • Connect to a place of inner calm.
  • Understand what anxiety is.
  • Learn how to manage it.
  • Notice what relief feels like.


Emotional and mental wellness flourishing coaching to navigate through life changes

This workshop is for people who have a sense of wanting to achieve more in their life than they currently are by ascertaining a clear sense of where they are now and where they want to be personally, professionally or both.  If you really want to reach an aspiration by learning more about your own inner character strengths and how to use them, this is an ideal workshop for you.  There is more to you than you may think, and this workshop will enable you to find your inner confidence and develop your self-esteem to reach that aspiration.

Two X Two Hour Workshops to:

  • Identify where you are now in your life and where you would like to be.
  • Go through a process of identifying what your weaknesses might be to stop you getting to your destination and what obstacles might stand in your way so that solutions to navigate through these can be addressed.
  • Become aware of the range of human strengths you must have to reach your aspirations.
  • Understand the role of courage and how to use this strength to get you started on your journey.
  • Understand what hope really means and how to practise hope in your journey to increase the opportunities available to you as you travel along your path.
  • Learn about the role of wisdom and judgement to make the best choices that you can.
  • Build the art of gratitude and self-compassion as a coping and resilience strategy.

The Wellbeing Practice, Brighton, Sussex, South East